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D31 Series General VFD

D31-Series Variable Drive
  • Removable protective labels are attached to the top of the plastic case for side-by-side installation.
  • High-performance vector control is realized by using flux linkage and velocity estimation technique
  • The wide voltage range is designed to ensure the adaptability of products to grid fluctuations. Before the converter reaches soft over-current, it can run with the current value limited by hardware to reduce the frequency converter’s over-current failure.
  • During deceleration, when the DC bus voltage exceeds the set value, the converter will be protected according to the over-voltage protection mode you choose.
  • Advanced independent air duct design, adapt to a variety of complex, harsh site environment.

D32 Series Compact VFD

D32-Series Variable Drive
  • Compact structure design, save installation space.
  • Clear terminal layout wiring identification, easy to install wide voltage range design.
  • Ensure the adaptability of products to power grid fluctuation.
  • Advanced independent air duct design, adapt to a variety of complex, harsh site ring.

D71 Series High-Performance VFD

D71 Series Variable Drive

D71 Series can be applied to all industries, including steels, elevator, etc

  • Four control modes: constant torque V/F, quadratic load V/F, Close loop
    control, energy-saving mode.
  • 16-stage simple PLC, multi-stage speed control, and PID control;
  • Support start and stop DC braking;
    Input and output terminals are freely programmed
  • It has the function of jumping frequency control to avoid mechanical resonance and has the function of over-torque detection.
  • Multiple on-line frequency setting source selections
  • With oscillation suppression function: effectively solve the low-frequency oscillation problem of the high-power motor.

D12 Series Compact VFD

D12 Series Variable Drive
  • Multi-industry coverage design
  • Volume mini design
  • Highly energy-efficient design
  • Functional robust design
  • The performance index conforms to GB/T12668-2002, IEC61800
  • Built-in standard Modbus communication
  • Easy debugging no setup, fast startup
  • The widest temperature range is -10 °C +50°C

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